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Allow Exclusion Paths to be entered manually


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Dear all,

I have one little improvement suggestion. Recently, I had do add quite a few program paths (mostly to .EXE files) to the exclusions in EEC
(Exclude from monitoring) because the Behaviour Blocker behaved a bit overzealous on our client PCs.

The problem with that was that most of the EXE files and paths that I wanted to exclude did NOT exist on our Windows Server 2016,
as they pointed to programs that were only installed on (some) client PCs. But when adding an exclusion path in EEC, you are only
given the chance to pick an existing file (in this case on the server).

So I always need to use a workaround: First pick a file that exists on the server (e.g. "C:\Windows\notepad.exe" or whatever) and then
manually change the path by clicking on it in the exclusions list and typing the real/desired path. This works as intended, the file is
correctly excluded from scanning on the Client PCs. But all this is a bit cumbersome.

So please let me kindly suggest that an option like "Manually add path" that allows to type in (or copy+paste from a textfile)
any path (even to files that do not exist on the server)
is added to EEC.

Thanks and best regards


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