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Beta 8906

Martin Suchy

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after updating to 8906 beta 3, I clicked on "Custom scan" in "Scan & Clean" tab and got an error as you can see on the image. I sent a report and logs are included here. The issue was resolved after going to Custom scan via the standard menus. Also tried going to build 8843 stable and back to 8906 beta 3 again. Same results.

After going back to 8943 stable, the UI got resized and covered almost whole screen (1920x1080). After updating to 8906 beta 3 the UI got much smaller and I had to resize it to see all tabs. Also it is pretty hard (at least for me) to grab the corners of the UI to resize it.


Edit: Sorry fot the language on the image, I am unable to make it speak english. 



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thanks martin.

the issue already is fixed and will be included in beta4.

It only happens when you click custom scan from the 'scan and clean' tile, initially.

when you f.e. run a quick scan followed by a custom scan (using the custom scan link from teh scan & clean tile) the issue won't show up


stapp, your crash was different.



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We've released EAM 2018.8.0.8910 beta4.


  • Crash on Custom scan link
  • Improved button coloring
  • Content section width should be limited to a max width
  • Quarantine default Submitted date incorrect when using US date/time settings
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Why are what are presumably now the results of a previous scan described as "New Scan"?   The display sort-of makes sense if you get to it after doing a context scan, but if you haven't just done a scan and come to this pane, say, hours later... seeing vague info about the last scan described as "New Scan" is confusing... especially with the "View Report" button next to "New scan" lower down.  And, if nothing was found in that last scan, there's a big empty "Diagnosis" box between the "No suspicious files were detected" text and the Scanned/Detected/Cleaned counters.   It  might be imporved if there was some clue about what had been scanned and found to be clean in that Diagnosis box.

I have the feeling that in trying to make the new GUI layout - with semi-related 'tabs' of info all in one 'page', having this info here doesn't really work.

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I fear we will get the new GUI layout whether we like it or not Jeremy.

Me.. I dislike it intensely.

It's so difficult to just get to where you want to go and what you want to do.

Some would say ''but hey, they've put short cut icons down the side to help you'' In that case why have tabs as well? Why double everything up?

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