Can't uninstall Emsisoft

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I'm running a pc with windows 7 64 bit OS. I tried to unistall emsisoft from the control panel, and on the reboot the files and folders are still there. I couldn't uninstall due to a missing file "c:\program files\emsisoft anti-malware\unins000.msg". I tried to reinstall the program to see if that would help, but I cannot install due to the program. I tried to run the already installed. I tried to run Emsiclean, but still can't uninstall or get rid of the program. Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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Let's try a fresh copy of Emsiclean (we updated it not too long ago). Please try downloading Emsiclean from this link (save it on your Desktop) and follow the instructions below.

  1. Right-click on the Emsiclean file you saved on your Desktop, select Extract All, and click the Extract button in the lower right.
    • Note: If you have 7-Zip, WinRar, etc. then you can use those to extract the Emsiclean files instead.
  2. Open EmsiClean64, and if you get a message about it not being compatible with your computer or not being able to run on your PC then open EmsiClean32 instead.
  3. When running Emsiclean, you will first be presented with a disclaimer. You will need to accept this disclaimer to continue.
  4. Emsiclean will scan your computer for leftovers after the uninstall, and give you the option to remove what it finds. Please do not allow it to remove anything at this time.
  5. In the lower-right corner will be a button that says Close Emsisoft Clean. Click on that button to close the program without making any changes to your computer.
  6. Emsiclean will save a log on your desktop as it closes (it may take a moment for the log file to appear). Using the More Reply Options button to the lower-right of where you type in your reply to access the attachment controls, please attach the log you saved on your desktop to a reply.

Note: You can start Windows in Safe Mode With Networking before following the above instructions in order to make it easier for Emsiclean to remove stuff. Steps for starting Windows in Safe Mode With Networking can be found at this link.

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The EPPDisk driver is still installed, however the newer version of Emsiclean is able to remove it safely, so go ahead and run Emsiclean again and make sure everything is selected before clicking the Remove selected objects button.

Note: Older versions of Emsiclean couldn't detect or remove this driver, and removing it manually will cause a BSoD error during system startup.

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Before we do anything else, let's get a log and check to see if the eppdisk entry is in UpperFilters. If it is, then it may need to be manually removed if you still can't reinstall Emsisoft Anti-Malware.

We have a batch file that can create the log I'll need to check. Just download the ZIP archive at the following link, open it, and double-click on the eppdiskCheck file that's inside:

A black window should open, and then close after a few seconds. After it closes, there should be a new file named eppdisk_Entries_Log on your Desktop. Simply attach that file to a reply so that I can review it.

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