TrojanAgent DFRF(B)

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A Custom scan has found " Trojan Agent DFRF(B) in C:\Windows\ System32\wscript.exe " > I had a message box stating, " The following objects were not removed for your own safety - C:\Windows\System32\wscript.exe - Removing these items bears an unusually high risk of crashing your operating system during automatic cleaning, as these threats are deeply embedded ..........go seek technical help, etc".

I followed the link in the announcement box and there were loads of options, none seemed to refer directly to this named Trojan Agent, so I decided to post the query here.


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There's a set of instructions at the top of the  "Help my PC is infected....."  forum that you probably need to follow.

Apart from that, there's a possibility that your wscript.exe file is perfectly ok, and has been mis-identified as infected.  One way to find out would be to upload it to the VirusTotal website where it will be examined by lots of different anti-virus software and you'll see the results.  If all, or almost all, of them think the file is innocent then this would be better reported on the False Positives part of this website.

VirusTotal is at:

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