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Chrome crashes after downloading a file

PC reset

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When downloading a file from a website chrome instantly closes when the download finishes. Seems like te problem is most of the time zip files. But when I tried downloading chrome again it did crash also.

Dont know if Emsisoft causes the problem. But sometime after a crash of chrome and starting chrome it says the message Emsisoft not compatible......


A customer has the same problem but doesn't download. After a while it seems chrome just closes automaticaly.

I use latest BETA version, customer uses stable


EDIT: Seems like explorer has the same problem. The file i tried is coming from https://vergecurrency.com, Chrome and explorer crashes after downloading Windows Tor QT Wallet


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Thanks pc-reset,

The issue is known and a fix will be included in beta2.

please note that your customer is running on beta.
Issues may and will occur in beta's, although rare.

Therefore, beta's should not be run in production environments.



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