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1) Go to About screen and click on "Sciter Engine" link.

Web page does not open correctly because the link is http:/sciter.com (single slash)

It should be http://sciter.com

2) Go to Settings screen and Permissions.

Click on MyEmsisoft and it will take you to Emsisoft main web page instead of MyEmsisoft page ("Learn more" link works correctly).

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The sciter page opens for me.

The MyEmsisoft page issue confirmed here (opens to main webpage)

 This is on build 8961.

Siketa if you are using beta can you post these 'bugs' in beta thread please (thanks in advance :) )

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Thing is there are two MyEmsisoft links in the GUI under Settings.... Permissions.

The one which just says MyEmsisoft goes to the main webpage.

The one below it which says Go to MyEmsisoft goes to the account login page.

Why have 2 links?

(Similar thing for the two links for Enterprise Console)

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Single-slash URLs work in Chrome and IE here too (that's Chrome 69.0.3497.100 and IE11).    Nothing to do with whether EAM is sending the wrong URL, if I just paste an invalid URL into Chrome's or IE's or FF's address bar, all three of them then go to the right page.

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4 minutes ago, Siketa said:

I can confirm that the sciter link opens correctly with Chrome and Firefox but not with IE 11 which was my default browser.

What happens if you c&p other single-slash instead of double-slash incorrect URLs into IE11's address bar?     For example, how about    http:/www.scottishchamberchoir.org.uk/    ?

(That works in IE11 here.)

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