Problem occurred in ver.2018.9.0.8961

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Problem occurred in ver.2018.9.0.8961 distributed by automatic update the other day.
After updating, you are urged to restart, and when you restart emisi according to the instructions, all protection is disabled, and if you try to enable it, the UI will close. Even if you click "fix" on the main UI screen, it is unresponsive. Once I uninstalled and tried installing a new one, a warning of the attached image will be displayed. After recovery, the problem is now avoided with "delay update".

Is there a procedure to solve it?
It is win 7.32 bit version. Thank you

Download Image

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The interface becoming unresponsive on Windows 7 (32-bit) is a known issue, and our developers have been given debug information. For now there's no known workaround, other than to force a downgrade to the current Delayed build.

Since you can't interact with the UI to change the update feed, you'll have to force it to switch to the Delayed feed. Fortunately that's relatively simple. Just download the skin.ini file at the following link, then copy it, and paste it into the Emsisoft Anti-Malware folder (usually C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware) :

After that, restart your computer. Once the computer is done restarting, try right-clicking on the little Emsisoft icon in the lower-right corner of the screen (to the left of the clock), and select Update now. The UI will open and become unresponsive, and you may need to restart the computer once the update process is done.

If this doesn't work, then I can give you instructions for running the update from Safe Mode With Networking.

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 appreciate your prompt response. Using "skin.ini" in the instructed way did not show any improvement. I restored the system again, unplug the LAN cable, changed the update feed to delayed feed, and then updated it. Currently running at ver2018.6.0.8750. If there is no problem in protection, we would like to maintain the current situation until the problem is solved.

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