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Upgraded ok...

W8.1 64-bit  laptop screen res is  900 x 1600

But display of the log is worse.   If I drag the log window as wide as possible, then drag it narrower, a horizontal scroll bar appears (though how wide it is has varied in my experiments - sometimes when the window is maybe 2/3 of its full width, the scroll bar is about 95% of the smaller window's width, implying it cannot be scrolled sideways very much).  Once a scrollbar is presented, actually dragging the bar sideways shows that the full display is no longer accessible.  That is I'm seeing truncation of the rhs of what was previously displayed in the max-width window.

I've also had the scroll-bar mysteriously vanish from the display while the window is much smaller than full-width.

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6 minutes ago, stapp said:

maybe Stapp - on mine, if I open the BB screen, the process list is completely blank - clicking in it has no effect.

The list stays completely empty until, many seonds later, it finally populates the list in full.  It doesn't populate it gradually - it goes from completely blank to completely full suddenly - I'm just amazed that it takes so long to do so

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the BB grid populating issue is just a minor gui thing.

the grid refreshes itself too late in some circumstances.

When you open the BB panel initially and click in the grid and scroll the mousewheel or use the arrow down/up keys, the grid populates instantly.

And sure, will address this in 2018.11.

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