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Scenario: A network without internet of production PCs (SCADA system). Some of PCs are not having internet neither on this network.

Client wants that he update Emsisoft on one of the PC having internet or download update file(s) (dat/zip..).

Copy these files regularly in  Emsisoft Management Server to update PCs on network as well as on few other PCs, which are not on network. 

I have read other post which suggest to disable self-protection/service to update manually, but when there are 200 PCs, its not practical. 

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I can't make any guarantees that copying database files from one installation of Emsisoft Anti-Malware to another will work. We don't design EAM to work that way, and we don't test it. If it is possible at all, then the Emsisoft Protection Service would need to be stopped before copying the files into the EAM folder. Also note that both computers need to be the same architecture (database files on a 32-bit edition of Windows may not work with EAM on a 64-bit edition of Windows, and vise versa).

That being said, a better way to do it would be to set up a server with two LAN connections, set up a separate vlan for the second LAN connection and for all of the workstations that shouldn't be connected to the Internet or the rest of the network, and then install our Enterprise Console on the server with two LAN connections and configure the update proxy so that the computers on the isolated vlan can connect to it to download updates.

Using vlans is a great way to isolate different systems on the network, while still allowing for things like updates.

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