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So, when you say "login" ... would you be telling EAM the email address you used when purchasing the licence, or the one you use (if you do this at all) for the "My Emsisoft" thing?

If one does this login, does EAM then remember the email address and password you specify, and send them to Emsisoft every time (every day?) that there's a licence check?

If the email address and password are being stored, are they stored encrypted?

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After login, EAM gets a list of licenses linked to the used email address, no data is stored. We automatically create an account in my.emsisoft.com for the email address used with purchase.

If there is 1 license only, it will be used to register EAM without user interaction. If there are multiple licenses, the user will be presented with a list and can select which license to use for this EAM.


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I'm seeing quite a bit of lag when opening files, especially when opening Office 2003 excel and word files.

With the latest beta, opening an 'empty' excel spreadsheet from my desktop takes 12 to 14 secs - the same order of lag happens when opening a word document.  If I roll back to the latest stable release, the same files open in a couple of seconds.

I've also noticed some lag, although to a lesser extent, when opening pdfs, jpgs, text files, etc.

Windows Explorer also seems slower to display folder contents and file details - I see the message 'Working on it..' when opening folders.

I've tried disabling File Guard and/or Behaviour Blocker but this doesn't seem to make any difference.

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14 minutes ago, Frank H said:

thanks @marko, this is a known issue and we're working on a fix.

Thanks Frank - that's good to know.

It's a shame there isn't a bug list available for users as it would save us reporting things you already know about - it would also help identify reported issues that may have been missed

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Thanks marko.

Making AV software bug lists available for the public isn't best practice and might compromise your system.
Most bugs are rare and won't be noticeable for most users, no sense to inform everyone about a bug on W7 *32, while most of us run *64 bit sytems.
Besides that, the list will contain minor bugs which have low prio and will be fixed in a future releases.

When you notice unexpected behavior, like current performance lags, it's good to post such findings here in the beta testers channel so all beta users will be  informed, or you can ask me in PM.

Sometimes issues are known, sometimes they are not, so its good to post findings here, although in some circumstances such feedback might be obsolete.




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