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can the signature files be moved to a different disk

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The signatures currently use 577 MB of disk space (this varies with updates of course) on a 64-bit edition of Windows. If you're trying to conserve disk space, it is possible to install Emsisoft Anti-Malware anywhere you choose, however it does require using our older installer built with InnoSetup and executing it from the Command Prompt in order to use a parameter to override the default installation directory.

Please note that due to the way SSD's distribute write operations across the disk, the lifespan of the flash memory cells is not significantly impacted by a few hundred megabytes of small files that are frequently updated.

Here's the download link for the installer:

And here's the command to run to install it with a custom path (note that you will need to run the Command Prompt as an administrator):

EmsisoftAntiMalwareSetup.exe /DIR=D:\<path_to_install_to>

If you're not familiar with the Command Prompt, then let me know, and I will post more specific instructions.

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