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SaveFrom.net Helper & TamperMonkey - PUPs?


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Well-known video downloader SaveFrom.Net Helper installs Tampermonkey, a script manager in your browser.

Both of these programs are considered potentially unwanted!

It is reported that the extension can (except for silent installation of additional applications) also send user data with possible stealing of passwords, bank data, etc.

I want to ask the experts - is this really true?

2018-11-29 20_55_13-Tampermonkey extension installation.jpg

2018-11-29 20_48_52-Tampermonkey • Chrome.jpg

2018-11-29 20_51_50-How to remove Tampermonkey (Virus Removal Guide) - Botcrawl.jpg

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PUP behavior typically does not include password stealing (that would move it straight into the malware category). These are considered PUPs because the way they are distributed, however if you would like to install it because you think it's useful there's nothing wrong with it.

It is possible that Tampermonkey is bundled in a third-party download wrapper that also may distribute adware/malware, however if you download it from the official website it should be fine.

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Ok, thanks!

Yes, about passwords is too much)
So, all possible dangers are connected not with the applications themselves, but with advertising modules that can be installed without my knowledge?
It is reported that these programs collect information about the IP-address, technical and route information about the computer, search history.
But I understand you. Actually, these video downloaders (by themselves) are not dangerous.
Of course, obtained from the official site.
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