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Partial protection 9069


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Win 10 Pro 64bit. using 9069

Disabled Behaviour Blocker via right-click Protection Status..Disable Behaviour Blocker option on EAM taskbar icon. (Obviously Anti Ransomware got disabled as well)

After about 30 seconds I enabled it  again via taskar icon.

The Windows Security Center now has a red cross on it and says actions are needed.

EAM says I am only partially protected despite all options being on and taskbar icon is green.

Logs attached plus screenies. Screenie of Forensics show timeline of events.





Annotation 2018-12-02 123342.jpg


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Trying this on W8.1.  "Pause Protection" only allows me to disable everything (and later re-enable it).    ITYM "Protection status"?

Disabling BB (and implicitly AR) then re-enabling BB (and thus AR) worked properly here.  I also tried disabling AR (and hence BB) and re-enabling and it worked properly.

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