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Move EEC to a new server

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Hello Cube!

To migrate settings from a current Emsisoft Enterprise Console server to a new server, these steps should do the job:

  1. Disconnect all clients from current Emsisoft Enterprise Console server and then shut down Emsisoft Enterprise Console on the current server
  2. Install Emsisoft Enterprise Console on new server
  3. Close Emsisoft Enterprise Console on the new server, then stop the Emsisoft Enterprise Console services on new server named Emsisoft Enterprise Console Server Service and Emsisoft Enterprise Console Update Proxy Service. You can do this from the task manager's services list on some machines, or from the services list 'services.msc' on others
  4. Copy the following folder in its entirety from the current server to the new server: C:\ProgramData\Emsisoft Enterprise Console\Db\
  5. Start Emsisoft Enterprise Console service on the new server, and the computer list(s) and such should be visible
  6. Reconnect all managed Emsisoft Anti-Malware computers via deployment or light packages as normal

Let us know here or via email to [email protected] if you have trouble.

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