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Firefox Phishing or not


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On the blog https://blog.emsisoft.com/en/32736/phishing-vs-spear-phishing-vs-whaling-attacks/

I left this comment:

On the work horse machine, where I have Emsisoft, I installed the Firefox extension and the Edge extension. In Firefox (and I presume Chrome) there is also Google safe browsing activated. Let's put aside that you don't track what URL I visit and Google's whole purpose is to know just that. I do not kid myself about the benevolence of Google and all the "free" stuff they give away. I'm fairly certain Google just checks their Virustotal results. Microsoft also has its safe browsing in Edge for "free". Same deal.

So the question is how good are each and/or what is the difference. Is there some report or stats on this?

I do phishing verification in a sandbox on another reading machine (with Norton) and some phish do not trigger either which I will call zero-day phish. So I realise nothing is 100% of course.


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