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Is this legitimate ?

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Still no bloat I would say. The extension is not 100% needed but "only" recommended for EAM users since it adds to the phishing protection. The existing surf protection based on DNS-requests will still be available. (And of course is still needed to block network requests by malware.) The extension is also only ~90KBs.

What would be bloat imho and much more invasive is adding some sort of MITM, deep packet inspection, intercepting SSL-certificates in the browser and stuff.

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23 minutes ago, MJmusicguy said:

so now we have answers however it begs the question how is this different from other products a selling point for EAM for me has always been no bloat  

First and foremost the Emsisoft Browser Security extension is entirely optional. It's intended as a supplement to protection, and not a replacement for our traditional Surf Protection.

Secondly, there's a major emphasis on privacy in the extension. Even though the database is cloud-based, it doesn't need to tell us exactly what web page you're visiting in order to work. Instead of sending us the URL you're visiting, it hashes the domain name and sends us the hash, and then our servers respond with a list of URL's where the hash for the domain name matched, leaving the extension to determine whether or not the URL the browser is actually trying to load is safe rather than having our servers do it. In addition, the data about malicious URL's received from our servers is cached, so that it doesn't need to be requested again.

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On 1/18/2019 at 5:22 PM, ThriveLifeIT said:

The "Don't show again" option is only available if you are logged in or running the program as an administrator. For all other users (like say for a company where users are on a domain) I cannot get it to go away. There's just Install now and Later. Any ideas how to turn it off in the Enterprise Console?

The information you're looking for is in the following forum topic:


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Thank you for the replies @JeremyNicoll and @GT500. I took a look at the posts and I have already seen that option in the console, I just wasn't sure why it didn't seem to be having any effect, so I figured there had to be something else. But then, like with most problems, I took some time away for the weekend, came back to the problem today, and realized it's because some computers are having communication problems with the server so updates on the host aren't reaching those machines. So I just need to fix those communication issues and that will fix the issue.

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