Latest Browser Extension Version Number ??

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I had been using the Beta/Early Release version of the Browser Extension.

After updating EAM to V. 2018.12.0.9137 via Auto-Update the version number of the Browser Extension I have installed is:

2018.12.0.9 -- Last Updated December 26, 2018.

Is this the latest version of the Browser Extension?



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I think there is at least one version beyond what you have.  I have version 2018.12.0.12 for Firefox.  The links to the latest version of the extension for both Chrome and Firefox can be found about half way down in this post.


Hope that helps!

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The browsers' extension stores manage these updates. We're always submitting the same version to both stores at the same time, but Chrome usually takes a couple of days to approve updates manually. Build .12 should get available for Chrome soon.

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