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Win 10 build 9144.

As part of some troubleshooting I uninstalled 9144 and selected for EAM to remove the everything option.

It leaves a Program Folder in C drive with quarantine in it.

Surely if I select to remove everything (all folders etc) it should do just that?

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This is intended. Quarantined files will not be deleted on un-install. 

This is to secure the following situation:

When a user removes EAM for some reason and and user forgets to restore a very important file from Q.
This file will gone, which we want to avoid.

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Why not mention that in the uninstaller instead of saying 'do you want everything removed ?

It doesn't remove everything.

Perhaps ask Do you want your files from quarantine restored before uninstalling?

It leaves a Program file folder (which I doubt people will automatically think ''Oh, my quarantine files will be in there''.)

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