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Did you find any ransom notes and if so, what is the actual name of the ransom note?
Can you provide the ransom note contents?
Did the cyber-criminals provide an email address to send payment to? If so, what is the email address?

Did you submit (upload) samples of encrypted files, ransom notes and any contact email addresses or hyperlinks provided by the cyber-criminals to ID Ransomware (IDR) for assistance with identification and confirmation of the infection? This is a service that helps identify what ransomware may have encrypted your files, whether it is decryptable and then attempts to direct you to an appropriate support topic where you can seek further assistance. ID Ransomware can identify ransomwares which adds a prefix instead of an extension and more accurately identifies ransomwares by filemarkers if applicable. Uploading both encrypted files and ransom notes together provides a more positive match and helps to avoid false detections. Submitting any contact email addresses or hyperlinks provided by the criminals may also be helpful with identification.

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