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Browser Extension Issue in Chrome

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Hello again

I have been trying out the browser extension in Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10 1803.

I have an issue with just one page - https://soundcloud.com/stream. This page has always worked fine (I've been using Soundcloud for many years). After I installed the extension I found that the play controls on the page would occasionally not respond. I uninstalled it for a week or so and everything returned to normal. Today I reinstalled the extension and the same thing happened.

OK, so I can add an exception - but there is no way to add an exception. A new page appears and I can see a table with a 'Websites' heading and a remove button, but no way to add. I am unable to enter text on that page.

 Any ideas, please?

Thanks :)

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I would believe that exceptions have to be added from the notices that a page has been blocked.

I logged in to SoundCloud using a shared account on BugMeNot, and tried playing a number of tracks listed on the page. The play/pause button seemed to respond fine in every case. How often does this happen?

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Thank you for the suggestion. The other extensions I have installed - New Tabs To Front, IMTranslator and Privacy Badger have been installed for over a year. The only one that is regularly updated is IMTranslator. I will submit some feedback to the Souncloud posse and see if they have any further suggestions.

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Sorted it. A while ago Soundcloud introduced adverts. After disabling Privacy Badger for the site, the Ads play and the controls are dimmed. Privacy Badger was preventing the ads from playing thus the controls remained dimmed. As I can't stand the enforced humour and you're not going to succeed and be incredibly good looking unless "Hey!! Do YOU want to get your music heard by MORE people...blah frickin' blah..." I just refresh the page.

Extension back in place after this....

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