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Cry128 (maybe) decrypt tool

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hi everyone.

I was infected by (i think) cry128.

I tried to use Emsisoft software to decrypt my files but but it did not succeed. can I ask for an analysis of my infection?

attached to this post I leave a zip file with an infected file by ransomware (a jpg), its "clean" version and the txt file requesting payment.

can anyone help me?

excuse for my bad english (google translator helped me) and thank you in advance


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Actually, now that I take a closer look, I see the file you attached to your post had both the ransomware note and an encrypted file.

The ransomware isn't Cry128. It's Cry36:

There's no known way to decrypt files that have been encrypted by Cry36 without first obtaining the private key from the criminals who created/distributed the ransomware.

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