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We've been using EAM for some years now and as a tech shop we would install the 30 day trial EAM on every single PC that left from our bench. We thought it would be a great way for people that came in with their PCs infected or running slow to get to know your product before they actually bought it. Also it was great for us to try and do a follow up sale a month after they tried your product.
Unfortunately with the new change on the trial with the obligatory email registration it is very hard to go on like this. Most of the times we don't have the client's email or he/she is reluctant to give it to us even for that legit reason. Also none of the other antivirus programs makes it mandatory to create an account with them in order to try their product so that also makes people think twice.
Is there any chance to have an edition that doesn't require the email registration when installing the trial?


Thanks in advance.


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Hello Cube,

this is Sebastian from Emsisoft's Channel team. Thank you for your feedback and longstanding promotion of Emsisoft. 

We will soon introduce a way for registered Emsisoft partners to send their customers free trials (by email) without the need for them to sign up. The partner can then monitor if their customer started installing/testing, if they encounter and request help with any malware issues and follow-up at the end of the trial. 

If you are a registered Emsisoft partner, I can also offer you some free trial license keys that you can give out to your new customers. Please send an email to [email protected] addressed to me, Sebastian, including your partner registered company name and/or email and a reference to this request of yours. If you are not a registered partner yet, please register (for free) on .


Kind regards

Sebastian Ehrhardt

Partner Manager

Emsisoft Ltd -


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