PC infected by DJVU ransomware

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Hi,here is the ransomware ID.

my pc just got infected on 23/01/19. before I restore the window 7 using Ghost image, I have moved important files to drive D:. however during moving the files, all of them are already encrypted.

May I know are the files still there in drive D? because I only moved them from original drive  after got infected.

For now, can I stored all the encrypted files in whole hardisk into one drive to wait for future decryptor? (which mean are the files still there if I move all the encrypted files to one drive)

After I format the window, the hardisk should don't have any ransomware which might infect my new files right? I have use Kaspersky to scan and is clean.


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Michael Gillespie has updated his STOP ransomware decrypter to support this variant of the ransomware, however please note that the decrypter only works if the ransomware was unable to contact its command and control servers when it encrypted your files. There is more information at the following links:

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