Strange behavior (Quiet mode turns itself on and off many times)

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Good afternoon, please tell me what kind of miracles, when you don’t come up to the computer for a long time, but it is turned on while I notice in the Emsisoft antivirus log that the "Silent mode" turns off with a short period of time. It seems that some hidden actions are performed hidden then the protection is turned on again.

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 64bit Ultimate
version OS:  6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 сборка 7601
Emsisoft Antimalware 2018.12.1.9194

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"Silent mode" doesn't turn off protection; it just means that EAM will not try to disturb whatever you are doing in fullscreen mode (eg using a browser, or looking at pictures in fullscreen, or playing a game, or watching a video).

However if you were not using the machine when all these things were logged, that's odd.  It's also odd that so many of the log entries are at hh:mm:20.  Why always :20 I wonder?  Ah, I think I've seen this before - EAM's not noticing at the exact moment that you go into fullscreen mode or come out of it, but re-checking every minute... so if you're going in and out of fullscreen mode, you'll not see the actual times you do that, but see each time EAM checks.

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The "Silent Mode" can be triggered not only by fullscreen games, but also videos. Whenever you watch a YouTube video in fullscreen, it triggers the Silent Mode, and when you return the video to its normal size the Silent Mode turns back off. If you watch a lot of videos like this, then you can end up with a large amount of log entries showing the Silent Mode turning on and off.

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