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Hello Jeff22,

Please run FRST again. Next, select and copy the following text, including the words Start:: and End::. Switch back to the FRST program window, and click the Fix button. It should read the fix directly from the clipboard and run the fix. When it is finished, please attach the fixlog.txt file it created in the same folder the FRST program is in.

HKLM\...\Policies\Explorer: [NoAutorun] 1
HKU\S-1-5-21-1652379323-4117330753-2859149145-1000\...\Policies\system: [DisableLockWorkstation] 0
HKU\S-1-5-21-1652379323-4117330753-2859149145-1000\...\Policies\Explorer: [NoAutorun] 1
HKU\S-1-5-21-1652379323-4117330753-2859149145-1000\...\Policies\Explorer: [NoLowDiskSpaceChecks] 1
FF Plugin: -> disabled [Pas de fichier]
FF Plugin-x32: -> disabled [Pas de fichier]
FF ExtraCheck: C:\Program Files (x86)\mozilla firefox\defaults\pref\kl_prefs_62fbb8f7_c917_4cf7_957a_aad2b8fa768c.js [2018-12-31] <==== ATTENTION (Pointe vers un fichier *.cfg)
FF ExtraCheck: C:\Program Files (x86)\mozilla firefox\kl_config_62fbb8f7_c917_4cf7_957a_aad2b8fa768c.cfg [2018-12-31] <==== ATTENTION
2019-01-27 23:58 - 2019-01-27 23:58 - 000000000 ____D C:\ProgramData\{F86B0233-9A85-4589-8AAF-524CC4F8211B}
2019-01-27 23:43 - 2019-01-27 23:43 - 000131760 _____ (Realtek Semiconductor Corporation) C:\Windows\system32\SETCEA6.tmp

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The logs did not show any malware, but it did show some policies issues that needed to be corrected.

Now to remove most of the tools that we have used in fixing your machine:

Download Delfix from here and save it to your Desktop.

  • Ensure Remove disinfection tools is checked.
  • Also place a checkmark next to:
    • Create registry backup
    • Purge system restore
  • Click the Run button.

When the tool is finished, a log will open in notepad. I do not need the log. You can close Notepad.

Empty the Recycle Bin

You can delete and uninstall any programs I had you download, that you do not wish to keep on the system.

To Remove EEK simple delete the EEK for in the of your System Drive, normally C:\EEK

Run Windows Update and update your Windows Operating System.

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Web, email, chat, password and kids safety
How Did I Get Infected?

That should take care of everything.

Safe Surfing!

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alright probably somethig releated to my internet connection, it been cutting in and out since yesterday.

thank you for your help

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Could be the connection.  Been having the same problem for the past couple of days.

Happy to help.

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