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Start with Windows disabled

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Win 10 1809

I have a machine upstairs that I use every couple of days.

I updated it this morning to build 9204.

After reading here about an issue


I went upstairs to allow it to update to new build 9207 but had a look first and 'start with Windows' was unticked.

However it had no problem updating or starting with Windows so I wonder if it is cosmetic?

It is still unticked so I will restart machine and see what happens.

Here are debug logs in case they help



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Can I just clear something up.

I have another machine with Win 10 and EAM, so I turned off 'start at Windows start up'' and re-booted machine.

After boot there was no EAM in system tray.

However in Task Manager Emsi Protection Service is shown as running and Windows Security Center shows it as being on.

What exactly does turning off ''start at Windows start up''' do? Does it just turn off real time protection and remove sys tray icon?


Annotation 2019-02-03 154612.jpg

Annotation 2019-02-03 154707.jpg

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As there was no answer to the above question I am asking it again using build 9269 on Win 10 :)

In EAM advanced settings, I turn off (untick) Start with Windows and restart (fast boot disabled)

Upon restart there is no icon in taskbar but taskmanager shows EAM protection service running.

Windows Security Center seems a bit unsure about what is happeneing.

Then the Security Center says I have to open EAM to fix things.

After I click on that message EAM is open and all is running normally and taskmanager shows all 3 EAM items.

Can you say what exactly NOT starting with Windows does??

(also you have to remember to re-tick start with Windows)




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