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I lost permission to access my own files/folders

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hoping someone has some knowledge to impart on me.  I have an external drive WD mybook, probably 4 or 5 years old.  I've had it plugged into my pc the entire time never on any other machine.  last night I tried to view some old pictures and videos and I had a prompt tell me I don't have permission to access the files.  Also, prompted me to access the account settings to make changes.  as far as I can see all the users listed have full access to everything, so there is nothing to adjust.  I do see that an odd account is listed - Account Unknown S-1-5-21...  I ran bitdefender to scan the hard drive and it does so, however comes back with a long  list of password protected files it could not scan.  I never used a password to protect any files which makes me believe there may be an infection that caused this.  I can manually find some of the password protected files and I can delete them but there are also a few that I can not delete because, again I do not have permission.  from the same password protected files that could not be scanned, there are files, such as ($Recycle.bin-S-1-5-21...) that I can not track down at all.  

I went on the remove the hard drive from my pc and plugged it into a MacBook, to my surprise I was able to view all of the same pictures and videos the PC would not give me access to so I don' think the hard drive itself has any issues.  I feel like something has dug into my pc and hidden itself in these password protected files.


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