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Mamutu + Avira Premium IS, i need 100% EMSI team confirmation

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Regards to all,

hard-working people on this forum and all participants.

On the desktop machine i use online armor++ (turnd off web shield) + web of trust and clear cloud dns. Better and faster ;)

I am very satisfied with this solution.


About my thinking in malware protection world.

There are three important factors to me:




Unfortunately today many people use ordinary free scaners like avira,avast,avg .etc.

It is only detection...and is generally too late to save your pc :(

The only real solutions are: HIPS and sandboxing with clasic av scaners.

course and on-demand scaner, mbam, hitman pro & sas. :rolleyes: and Emsisoft Emergency Kit.

Because we know that malware must go through memory ram and registry, HIPS or BEHAVIOR BLOCKER is the most important part in prevention.


On the second computer i have Avira Premium Security Suite.

I'm not satisfied with Avira ProActiv heuristic.

Almost no reaction at the start of test download malwares.

After download of 10-15 zero-day malwares,avira reacts on 7-8.

After that mbam and hitman got a lot of work :D

But..when you have behavior blocker,like threatfire from free world, things look much better.

And Pctools does not develop Threatfire over a year...for better results you must keep it on level 5 (omg,that is paranoid madness)

I was satisfied with the light HIPS SpyShelter.

He catche all within registry an ram :)

Now I decided to try Mamutu !

Plenty of opportunities in this softweare.

I like the interface ,very much.

It says on the official website:

Unlike other malware protection products, Emsisoft Mamutu was designed to run parallel with other antivirus and firewall software without troubles.

Now i ask you to confirm me ,is Avira I.S. 110% compatible with Mamutu.

I only add exception for Mamutu iinside Avira Proactiv modul.


I want to be sure and buy this great product.

We know what is pain with BSOD :D

Sorry for my bad english.

Best regards to everyone and thanks!!


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Hi Carduelis, welcome to the forum

Mamutu indeed is a good addition to any existing security solutions

Basically, you don't need a traditional (“pure”) HIPS if you have Mamutu, but you can keep HIPS if you want

As for the compatibility there were no complains about it no matter what other security is in place

You can read our old old forum Find dedicated “Compatibility Threads” there

As reported Avira always coexisting / leaving in peace with no problems, when you are using Emsisoft products (e.g. I have Avira on-demand on Win 7 x64 and EAM)

That is a matter of making mutual exclusions.

If that's Avira with the real-time resident and Mamutu – again establish mutual exclusion rules re:


My regards

P.S. If you are interested you may consider reading this [url= http://forum.emsisoft.com/Default.aspx?g=posts&m=21979嗛] old thread [/url ] where the exclusions technique in Avira was discussed

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Hi Lynks

Thank you very much for this links.


I had no intention write question on Avira forum.

The user is limited in the possibilities to ask, comment etc.

I'll be honest,

after many years of trying different solutions,i am disappointed in the popular names.

Lately even more disappointed with the free solutions.

I see that you often mention Comodo.

This gentleman is an interesting man, Mr. Melih Comodo CEO.

He created a religion called CIS.

I had several confrontations with him on Comodo forum.

For me it is everlasting comodo beta, with constant high expectations with new updates :lol:

Even today announced a revolution.

Do not want to admit that sanbox and defense + for advanced users...I asked them "after a month of ordinary housewife with cis, she will have all pc inside sandbox" :D

Who will sort trust/untrust files?


Not to mention the constant arguments about NIS and av comparatives test.

Im sick of it !

Rather i will try Emsisoft Mamutu and buy it...and support good emsi work ;)

Sorry for this offtopic, and thanks for info ;)

I'll tell you impressions with Mamutu.

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