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Any files that are encrypted with Dharma (CrySiS) Ransomware will have an <id>-<id with 8 random hexadecimal characters>.[<email>] followed by one of its many different extensions appended to the end of the encrypted data filename as explained here . The .ETH extension is one of the newest Dharma (CrySiS) variants.

These are a few examples.

<filename>.<extension>.id-A04EBFC2.[[email protected]].dharma
<filename>.<extension>.id-480EB957.[[email protected]].wallet
<filename>.<extension>.id-EB214036.[[email protected]].zzzzz
<filename>.<extension>.id-5FF23AFB.[[email protected]].onion
<filename>.<extension>.id-30B3DDC1.[[email protected]].arena
<filename>.<extension>.id-EE6A4622.[[email protected]].adobe
<filename>.<extension>.id-B4BCE79D.[[email protected]].ETH

Dharma (CrySiS) will leave files (ransom notes) with names like README.txt, README.jpg, Hello my vichtim.txt, Your personal data are encrypted!.txt, FILES ENCRYPTED.txt, Files encrypted!!.txt, info.hta.

ID Ransomware should confirm the infection.

Unfortunately, there is no known method at this time to decrypt files encrypted by any of the newer variants of Dharma (CrySiS), including the .ETH variant, without paying the ransom and obtaining the private keys from the criminals who created the ransomware unless they are leaked or seized & released by authorities.

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hello, i am new, i want to share some information, my company is infected with virus encryption [email protected] In fact, it was a dharma ransomware that could not decrypt the data, so I contacted the hacker to pay for the redemption of the data. But after paying, the hacker asked for more and when I didn't agree, the hacker stopped contacting. I want to warn people about this case, not to transfer money to hackers. Sorry for my bad English so I have to ask google to translate. Best regards.

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