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OA doesn't block

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Some days ago I had an unexpected experience, because OA failed to block the site I blocked it in the Firewall (and in addition also in the Hostfiles of Emsisoft 5.0), but I (or rather my teen-daughter) still could visit that pesky site when using Opera 10.63, my default browser. In Firefox it blocked allright. I then ran URL-snooper and listed the sites to which I was being redirected and entered those URLL as well (again both in Programs and in the hostfiles), but the site was still accessible as usual. I have used OA for one year and a half on several machines now, and this is totally new to me. It gave me kind of shock. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

XPSP3, MSI Wind, 2G

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Hi Kees,

You had added to OA's Websites list, is that correct? Or did you mean that you created your own firewall blacklist and applied that blacklist to all your browsers?

Had the site already been accessed in Opera prior to you blocking it? With Websites, if you block a domain after it's already been loaded in the browser, you will need to delete your temporary internet files first for the block to work correctly.

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Sorry, for my delayed response.

Yes, the site had been addressed quite a bit (days in a row in fact, which I wanted to block it.


First of all, I regularly clear the browser cache and all cookies (though not the flash ones admittedly) as well as the temporary files.

Secondly, I always add an URL in the website list of OA and set it to "blocked" if I don't want that site to be addressed anymore. This procedure never failed me in the past.

Thirdly, I take care to block also the variant URL's, such as,, www.neopets,com etc., as well as the url's I see the connecting being redirected too (using URL-snooper to track them).

As said, this never failed me and I was greatly surprised that it did not work this time. Well, we can't be all perfect all of the time, isn't it?


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