Update stuck on initialising

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I've just noticed that Update is stuck on initialising. My last update was 3 hours ago.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

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There are a number of potential issues (network/Internet problems, problems writing to the updates folder, etc). Restarting the computer does generally clear the issue, although on Windows 8 and Windows 10 the issue can persist if Fast Startup is turned on and the computer is restarted the traditional way.

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A bit off topic I guess, but re-starting is a good  way to solve weird various problems of any nature that just happen on occasion.

It cannot do anything for a piece of bad code in a program, but it does clear many temp files, and volatile active RAM. So it certainly won't

always work, certainly not. But I've learned that all manner of weird issues are gone after a reboot. For lack of better words it seems

that all versions of windows from time to time loose the plot. Rebooting resets, and clears out faulty temporary files and that's often


I don't want to imply it's a magic cure, it's not and a reboot will not solve a non temporary error in apps, so it's just one more thing to try fairly early on if trouble

shooting. Blame windows mixing whatever up in temporary files and RAM and whatever it does. A reboot often solves strange issues that crop up in programs/apps

that were previously working, when in fact it's just windows that got "confused."

 Obviously, it can NOT solve a problem due to non temporary system files corruption or an error in the code of any

program or app update. Just mentioned it because while it's not a magic cure all, it's saved me a lot of time over the years.

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