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Does EAM use AMSI to scan PowerShell scripts?

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I've been digging a bit into methods for securing PowerShell, and the following question has come to my mind:

Does EAM use the new Windows 10 scanning interface called "AMSI" to scan PowerShell scripts for malicious code when they are executed ?
For more info on what I'm talking about please refer to:


Judging from the following post it seems that this might be the case, but I'm looking for a definite confirmation.


Thanks :)

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I would believe we may make use of some AMSI features, however keep in mind that EAM needs to run on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 as well, so there's not much point in implementing a bunch of features that only work on Windows 10. Most of what our protection does is done through API's that work on every version of Windows we officially support, that way the level of protection doesn't change based on the Operating System's features.

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