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encrypted file with extention .TABUFA

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Need help finding decrypting tool for files encrypted with .TABUFA.  The download apparently came from a malware/adware from the KMplayer.  It was the only active program on my computer, and the date of the culprit malware aligns with when the ads appeared in the movie player.  Thanks in advance.


I added a text file with more information and the actual ransom note.

I also uploaded an encrypted file and the virus executable  where I renamed the extension to .e0e  to the link you provided.



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Since there was not given answer from the victim, it is important in any case not to leave the topic hanging on mid of word.

In the case of this Ransomware, antivirus engines may be mistaken. 

Most likely they will call it the GlobeImposter Ransomware, but this is most likely another Ransomware. Apparently, it has the code from GlobeImposter in order to mislead.

Service ID Ransomware id has recently also identified it as GlobeImposter.

We have collected various variants as part of the updates in the article Maoloa Ransomware

Demonslay335 only recently discovered that some variants are not GlobeImposter, but are defined as GlobeImposter.
This question still needs to be studied in detail and elaborated in detail, and there may be more such fake GlobeImposter.
Recently another fake GlobeImposter was found, for him I have a separate article and updates, but it does not apply to this topic.

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