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Dharma ransomware

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From just the extension, I am assuming it's the variant of Dharma that isn't decryptable (Cezar). If that's the case, then the best course of action is to make a backup of any encrypted files and wait until someone is able to come up with a solution to facilitate decryption.

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Neil Tennison

If you looked at my article, you might have noticed that extortionists have  active for 2.5 years in the Dharma Ransomware project. Since then, there have been several successful decryptions - these are early versions and some variants that have been leaked keys. Now a 1.5 year there is no successful decryption, no free public decrypters.

Dharma as the previous project CrySiS was launched from the territory of Ukraine, now we know about different groups from different countries. Also, the development of Ukrainian extortionists are ransomware Apocalypse, DXXD, ODCODC, Phobos, GandCrab. They easily find accomplices from other countries in underground forums.

If the possibility of decryption appears, then this news will be picked up by the Mass Media and trumpeted at all web intersection.

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5 hours ago, Neil Tennison said:

What the best way to know if a de-encryption tool becomes available.

BleepingComputer will usually report on new ransomware decrypters, and will do end of week reviews of changes in the ransomware scene.

If you have a feed reader, then BleepingComputer has an RSS feed at the following link:

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