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Sarut files

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[!] No keys were found for the following IDs:
[*] ID: eopLk8km8mho7OZpdmseOsLi0fFK2XYrjixHjGKp (.sarut )
Please archive these IDs and the following MAC addresses in case of future decryption:
[*] MACs: 34:E6:D7:30:FF:C5, D8:FC:93:48:88:B7, D8:FC:93:48:88:B6, D8:FC:93:48:88:BA
This info has also been logged to STOPDecrypter-log.txt

please help me decrypt sarut files😭

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That is more than likely a variant of the STOP ransomware. ID Ransomware can confirm that, and can let you know if STOPDecrypter can recover your files. Here's a link to ID Ransomware:

If STOPDecrypter can't recover your files, then note that it can still be used to get information that may be able to help the creator of STOPDecrypter figure out your decryption key. Here's a link to instructions on how to get this information with STOPDecrypter:

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A malicious program can leave Trojans and stealers of personal information on your PC after its work.

It is configured to cause the most harm and can work secretly for a long time.

Check PC with Emsisoft Emergency Kit to exclude re-encryption: 

Only do not select the option to delete files in quarantine, so that experts can see the result later.

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On 7/6/2019 at 6:34 AM, GVP said:

[+] Loaded 52 offline keys
Please archive the following info in case of future decryption:
[*] MACs: C0:CB:38:94:D0:80, C0:CB:38:94:D0:80
This info has also been logged to STOPDecrypter-log.txt

That information is missing your ID. If you look in your Download folder, there should be a folder named "STOPDecrypter". Inside that folder should be a file named "STOPDecrypter-log". Would it be possible for you to attach that log to a reply for me to review it?

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