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Android Mobile Security.

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Hello ... Been with you for years.  Have malaware on 6 or seven computers.

Also had mobile security on several android phones, but am having some trouble.

I have a 3 device Android that I am not sure how to activate properly now.

One phone is active, but the other two showed up as expired, or so I understood.   In trying to activate a device, I found no place where I can change the license so the phone will come active.

also, how to buy some more mobile security which I need for about 3 more devices?

Thanks, Michael

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Hello Michael,

thank you for your message. Can you please write me a PN or write us to [email protected] stating the email address you use with Emsisoft Mobile Security, the codes you purchased (or anything that helps us find them)? Please also tell us if you use the same Gmailaddress for all three devices or else how many separate ones.

Thank you.

Best regards



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