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I got .fordan encrypted files and i´m trying to decryit but the program asks me for the Ramsom note, I'm not sure which file is the one that requires me, because I have the .txt and it sends me a message that the file is not support. I would like to know if you can guide me about it.


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Extension .fordan to encrypted files — this is the result of the work of STOP Ransomware

You need to find the _readme.txt file

Make sure you download the correct program from the official link. 


STOP Ransomware encrypts files all over the world, in all countries where there is high-speed Internet.

Only one volunteer specialist Demonslay335 decrypts the files. He found a way to decrypt files encrypted with offline keys in some cases.

If your files were encrypted using offline keys, then the files can be decrypted. 

If the offline key was partially used (after the Internet connection was disconnected), only part of the files can be decrypted. This method 'using offline keys' has been implemented in STOPDecrypter.


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There are further instructions on using STOPDecrypter at the following link, which will help you provide us information that may be helpful for us to try to figure out your decryption key at some point in the future:

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