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My computer have been infected by ransomware SODINOKIBI, all files have been encripted with an extension ".901i56"  I have come to this forum after having tried a lot of solutions. And unfortunately I have done everything that it says that there is no need to do in the first steps when it comes to ransomware. If you have any help I would be very useful because I have lost very important files. Thank you.

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Yes, this malware called Sodinokibi Ransomware or BlueBackground Ransomware

In ID Ransomware it is also called Sodinokibi

Extension: .<random_personal>
Ransom note" <random_personal>-readme.txt

 At the moment I’ve prepared several variants for publicationid my Digest, but only the first one is described. Samples for research are in my article.

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No one has reported so far that he can decrypt files. Samples still collect.
You do not need to panic, and patiently wait for the answer decryption specialists. Perhaps they have something to say to you.

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