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so i dont know which decryptor to download all i can say is i downloaded the anti-malware thing from your website i did a quick scan and found two malwares





please help me to find which one i need to download 

kindest regards - Patrik

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If you have encrypted files then we need to make sure of what we're dealing with. The following site is quite good at identification, and will also offer advice on who, if anyone, might have a decrypter available, even if it is not us. We contribute to the site as well.

Please visit the following website and upload both an encrypted file (between 256KB and 2MB in size would be best) and a ransom note for proper identification, and share with me the web address of the results page: https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/ 

Please be sure to read the information link on the results page, as to whether we have a decrypter or not, sometimes someone else's decrypter is listed, or other information is available that might be useful for recovery.

Outright cracking secure encryption is currently not possible. The encryption used is the same thing governments use and can take on the order of billions of years (no, I'm not exaggerating) with current technology to completely brute-force decrypt even a single victim's computer. Google searching for "time to decrypt AES-256" is pretty enlightening.

If this is on a server, please make sure RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) into your server is protected by proper difficult passwords (all of them), that you audit every account on the server and every machine that can access the server, and use firewalling to limit the range of IP addresses that can use RDP into your server. Also make sure it is up to date with all the latest security patches from Microsoft, especially ones such as the EternalBlue exploit patch. Many criminals using ransomware variants these days use RDP exploits to break in physically, so the attacker can turn off any protection that is on the machine prior to encrypting it. There is no protection against that if they are able to get in, so it is very important to secure the server.

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Reason: Lack of Response

PM either Kevin, Elise, or Arthur to have this thread reopened.

The procedures contained in this thread are for this user and this user only. Attempting to use the instructions in this thread on a system, other than the one they were written for, could result in damaging the Operating System beyond repair. Do Not use any of the tools mentioned in this thread without the supervision of a Malware Removal Specialist.

All posters requesting Malware Removal assistance are required to follow all procedures in the thread titled START HERE if you don't we are just going to send you back to this thread

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