.gerosan decryption ransomware

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Yes. Only leave all ransom notes in folders with files, in which they were at the time of encryption. Files can be encrypted with different keys.

Transfer it all to free disk space or external drive and reinstall Windows.

You should know that this is not a simple infection that is easy to delete and unlock files with one click of the mouse.

This is the result of the STOP Ransomware attack. I have been tracking the malicious work of this program since December 2017.
Now on the forum a lot of victims from different variants of this Ransomware. In some cases, the files can be decrypted. This is possible only in case where the files were encrypted with offline keys and an instance of the malware was detected.

Demonslay335  (the developer of the STOPDecrypter) collects information from the victims, writes data and tries to update the STOP Decrypter. After that, victims can try to decrypt the files.

A positive result and a lucky chance are not always possible.

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My folders got encrypted by .gerosan

The log of Stopencryptor as follows

[+] Loaded 44 offline keys
Please archive the following info in case of future decryption:
[*] MACs: 2C:41:38:B7:DC:9D
This info has also been logged to STOPDecrypter-log.txt
Selected directory: C:\Users\Parvathy\Downloads
Starting decryption...

[+] File: C:\Users\Parvathy\Downloads\1921-19-RV1_Revised.doc.gerosan
[-] No key for ID: ehq5Lt7hTny3rHq6jqiAnNIcwbiBzwZ6a6JmwjrM (.gerosan )

Pls help


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