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encrypted and renamed with .bkc extension

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In addition, you can attach the same files to your message. We will check by service and independently. 

Sometimes checking by ID Ransomware leads to several results, because the criminals are trying to deceive him, or points to a completely different version of the same extortionist, which is not decrypted.


renamed with [[email protected]].bkc

In this case, most likely, there will be such a result, which will point to NonRansomware, which decryptable.


But the first and second variant with the .bkc extension are not decrypted with this same decrypter. 

In fact:

The .bkc extension adds to the files Blitzkrieg Ransomware.
This is the first and correct name, which he received when publishing information in the Digest "Crypto-Ransomware" and twittted in the Twitter

After the variant appeared with the .non extension. In really NonRansomware does not exist, this name was coined to the decoder, attracted from the bottom to the head.


I checked the NonDecrypter again. Decrypter for .non extension cannot decrypt encrypted files which have an .bkc extension



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4 hours ago, MohammadALotfy said:

I already did but it cannot identify its type

Ok. Attach a note and an encrypted file to the message, I'll upload it myself and write the developer about it.

We hope that can be decrypt the bkc-files, but it does not depend on us. Decryption is a severe process.

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