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I think you've misunderstood.   The entry in the forensic log tells you when the scan completed and what it found. When you click on that to get the detailed info you see a series of messages, of which you've highlighted initial ones.  That detaied list scrolls.  Scroll down to the bottom of it and you'll see all the status messages about that scan, including the final one.

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in french "en cours" means "in progress". I'm sorry, but all the old scans are finished and are displayed in progress. so it doesn't make sense to display "en cours" when it's finished.

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Your screenshot looks ok to me.    The forensic log has one entry when a scan completes.  For example, one of your scans terminated at 13/07/2019 16:13:52

It does make sense to show previous messages which said "in progress" because when they were issued, they /were/ in progress.   The "in progress" message is shown for/at past dates/times,  not for the current time.

In computing, all logs show things afterwards that were happening at a prior time.   No-one ever writes a program so that it issues messages at the time, then afterwards goes back and changes the language to show that it is now a past event. 

In your case the details display shows when that scan was started:

- at 15:59:16  the scan was in progress doing one thing (la zone amorce)
- at 15:59:16 the scan was then doing something else (the CSIDL_DRIVER line)
- at 15:59:19 ie 3 seconds later it scanned memory
- at 15:59:24 it scanned something?  "traces?" I can't quite tell BECAUSE THE DISPLAY NEEDS TO BE SCROLLED
- if you scroll it down you will find, at the end of the list of detail messages, the one showing that this scan completed at 16:13:52

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Okay @jeremy,
I understand this view. It didn't seem logical to me, but your explanation allows me to see things differently.
Thank you for your well-founded answers.
have a good day


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