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I was the victim of an RDP Scarab trojan early this morning that has encrypted all the files on my hard drives and NAS with the ".sfs" file suffix.


I have ran malwarebytes and that has cleared up a few files and a few registry changes also a complete scan of NOD32 has also cleaned a few things up.


I 1st noticed the issue when my computer was logged out this morning  as it's never logged out, I had to use a usb boot tool to change my password as it had been changed and when doing this I noticed a new user account called "localadmin" I changed the password to that and also disabled the account just in case. When I finally managed to log in I noticed that the following pieces of software had been uninstalled:

  • teamviewer
  • ESET Nod32
  • Malwarebytes

Also my firewall had been disabled and the onedrive client installed, I fixed those issues and then restarted as requested by malwarebytes. Once logged back in my torrent client auto started and advised me that essentially every torrent had missing files, so I checked locations and noticed all my media, movies, anime etc had the ".sfs" added to the file names and that's when I noticed the "HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES.TXT" in 1 of the folders, the following is what's in the document:


"                                 HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES
   Hello, my friend!
   All your files have been encrypted.
>>> Your personal ID: >>>
   If you want to recovery your files, send us e-mail with your personal ID and 1-2 test files (image or text,
   non archived, total size of files must be less than 10Mb).
>>> Contacts: >>>
   Use please both e-mail addresses.
   If your mail server doesn't send e-mail to our contacts, we recommended you to create
   an e-mail on Protonmail.com (https://protonmail.com).
>>> ATTENTION! >>>
   * Do not rename encrypted files. 
   * Do not try to decrypt your data using third party software, it may cause permanent data loss.  
   * Decryption of your files with the help of third parties may cause increased price  
     (they add their fee to our) or you can become a victim of a scam."



I have read a few topics on the forums and lead me to check the ransom id site to confirm I had been infected with Scarab. I have also submitted a ticket with ESET to see if their decryption tool can help out.

I also noticed that they created 2 new partitions on my main drive (please see screenshots), with 1 having a winre image contained within.


So initially I would like to know if there are tools out there to check I am clean and what changes I can make to firewall/registry/etc to prevent this from happening again and applying it to my other computers.




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38 minutes ago, Amigo-A said:

Yes, this is Scarab-Bomber Ransomware or one of his almost relatives.

I added yesterday this variant as update and sent a message to the researchers. 

It seems that this is your request, if look at the similarity of the nickname.

Yes that was my request... I was unaware the two forums were linked in any way. 

Is there any chance of these files being decrypted? I have also made a post in the ESET forum as that is my current antivirus provider. 

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23 hours ago, classiccor83 said:

I have also made a post in the ESET forum as that is my current antivirus provider. 

Did you collect the log with the help of their collector?
If you an official user, your files should be decrypted for free. I know that they deciphered several different Scarab's variants in last year. But then the basic version of the encryptor was updated and the calculation of the key became more complicated. ESET experts will tell you whether it is possible for your files now. Don't forget to tell me when it becomes known.


23 hours ago, classiccor83 said:

I was unaware the two forums were linked in any way. 

The forums are lined up with a common goal and several common "Visiting Experts". :)  //  I have been tracking malicious activities this extortionists from the very beginning, when it was not running yet, that is, with since Globe and Amnesia

It is also use of the ID Ransomware service for identifying and cataloging extortionists, for indicating to users at the possibility of decrypting, obtaining additional information and collecting malicious programs, and exchanging samples for development and updating free decryptors... 
Well, also my projects in my signature. 

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I will be sending files over to them to check and scan this afternoon when home from work. 


What I feel could be useful is a concise guide of settings and tips that people can apply to their machines to try and ensure they are as safe as can be. This is the 1st time in over a decade I have had anything happen to the many pc's I have had, never a virus or anything so it is quite shocking for me. Especially being a sysadmin so I felt my machine was pretty well protected, how wrong I was. 😩

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Unable to provide 100% security.
Unanticipated incidents happen to any device and specialist. 

Encryptors that active for several years are modified many times and made almost invisible for anti-virus protection. I often see many variants of already known ransomware who can be detected by antivirus scanners and recorded in "DETECTION" of VirusTotal under a different name or can be considered non-harmful until they are launched.

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