GUI Confusion?

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EEC 2019.3.0.3456

How can I add a different Group on the same level as e.g. "New computers"?
Only way is to rename the items preconfigured. Is that intended?

I can clone certain items, but not a new one on the same level.

Download Image

Unusual behavior to me.  Perhaps I have overlooked something.


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No, I didn't checked the Cloud Console. Having everything local is an important factor for my clients and myself. With the new pricing scheme, EMSI business licences are in the pricerange of Endsecurity solutions. So I would expect to see EMSI moving the Client into that direction too. The "competition" is coming from Windows 10 too. I see people asking to ditch third party antimaleware at all. I'm currently opposing that, but once Win7 is EOL it will become harder to convince customers to see the benefits of EMSI in comparison to EndSecurity solutions (bundled with SPAM filter etc) or the plain Win10 defender tools.

But back to the main topic of Enterprise Console:
Currently the Enterprise Console seems to not offer all settings of the EMSI client (e.g. Appearance: Dark / Bright is not found in the policy/settings)?

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