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F-secure blocking Emsisoft update

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A week or more ago, my pc stopped updating AVs except for f-secure. F-secure was my primary AV but I was also checking regularly Malwarebytes and Emsisoft scans. I suspected a virus interfering with AVs -- I tried other AVs to see what was happening but they would not download/update. Worse, after this doing this with AVs, firefox and chrome lost connection with the internet and required rebooting.

After some help and various procedures, I can now update most AVs but not Emsisoft -- at least normally. I can update Emsisoft but only if I unload f-secure down to ony its fire-wall. It is not f-secure's deepguard since turning that off does not help. Emsisoft has normal allow permissions for input and output.

I contacted f-secure and was told to remove all AVs, reinstall f-secure and not install again other AVs. I do not think this is an answer since no AV detects all viruses requiring the use for occasional scanning of several.

I cannot make sense of this situation unless f-secure is programmed in someway against Emsisoft. After all, what kind of operational interference or conflict could unintentionally exist between f-secure with Emsisoft?

Help would be appreciated


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Hi John, welcome to the forum

f-secure is not programmed against Emsisoft, especially when you are using Free edition of EAM, that does not have any real-time resident, but rather has just on demand scanner only.

So, there should not be any conflicts

Sure you should not have more than one AV with real-time active

That was a correct advice by the support you contacted

Please provide more detailed information about your System Environment as in Forum Posting Rules #2)

If you are using f-secure firewall - check/edit/or better delete and recreate the rules regarding EAM

Otherwise, based on your description I would suggest to visit "Malware Removal help" section


Read the following instructions

START HERE, if you don't we are just going to send you back to this thread <--click

Prepare and post (attach) the required log files into Malware Removal section of the forum

(create new thread there)

Wait for reply from ShadowPuterDude, Katana, or JeanInMontana

for assistance and further instructions.


Translation Links for Forum Instructions

My regards

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