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no updates for 2 hours

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There have been no updates for 2 hours. Click "update now" does nothing. Changed to 30 minutes and nothing but when I click update now the timer resets to  29 minutes until the next update. Have 488 days left. Have rebooted the machine twice. Should I be worried?

Log says:

General Information:
Version 2019.6.0.9533
Update started: 2019-07-28 21:16:18
Update ended: 2019-07-28 21:16:18
Time elapsed: 0:00:00
No modules for downloading
 Detailed Information:
 0 modules, 0 bytes


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41 minutes ago, stapp said:

I have just turned my machine on (it's early morning here) and have received updates as normal.

I shall post again after the next update (1 hour)

Updates downloaded on time.

Perhaps bobbonomo it may be working for you now?

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It's OK now. I've never seen it go for 3 hours without an update. I checked the log for all July and it had not happened once. I can see there being times without updates being published but not 3 hours.

Anyway case closed.

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