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EMail Archive .eml records are infected

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We have archived Outlook emails using GFI-Archiver.

These have a .eml extension.

We scanned the 690,000 older (2006-2013) email records in the archive and the message is that 2,417 Detected.

There are multiple emails within each  .eml extension file. 

"Quarantine selected" and "Delete selected" give the same response:

"You are trying to delete a detection that is inside an archive (zip, rar, pst (Outlook)).  Any detections inside of archives will cause the archives to be entirely deleted, along with all files or email they contain."

"Are you sure you want to delete the selected file(s)?"

Does this mean that all of the emails within the  .eml file will be deleted or quarantined?

Is there anyway to delete or quarantine just the malware emails, but no the rest of the emails in the  .eml file?


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