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Cloud Console: Permanently Remove Device from Workspace


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I have been beta testing the cloud console at home with three devices for some time now.

Now I tried to remove one of the devices from the console, so that it won't be remotely managed any more.
When I remove it from the workspace, at first it is correctly shown as "unmanaged" (red tag),
and when I check the local EAM GUI on the device it does indeed say the device is no longer connected to the cloud.

After I reboot windows, however, the device "automagically" returns to the cloud console (listed under new devices),
and the local GUI shows that it is remotely managed.

Do I have to uninstall EAM to really remove it from the cloud ? Is this a bug ?

Right now, the cloud management seems to be a bit too overzealous/persistent/sticky ūüėĄ

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As soon as you assign a license to a workspace, it will be moved from your personal licenses to the Workspace.
All devices that use that license and are connected will stay connected.  The connection with cloud is not optional in such cases anymore, as EAM uses its license

This behavior is intended.

When you want to remove a device from the Workspace, you can either choose another licence in EAM, after you logged in or  switch to trial  in About / License: change license

In fact, when you remove the device from the WS, EAm should popup the change license dialog automatically, but that doesn't happen yet.



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