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Hi i recently got alerts from Google when searching saying suspicious behaviour from your network alerts and i had to enter a code to continue searches, now i understand that these google alerts generalise my ISPs network and may not mean my PC is infected in fact a full scan from both Mcafee and Emsisoft found no issues

i did a port scan with "shields up" and found that port 1024 was open, when i did a port scan i could see no evidence of this, after doing further searches i found my BT TV Box known as You-View used this port for online TV, i wanted to see if i could close the port but it only closes when i turn the TV box off

i thought i could create better firewall protection ( I currently only use Windows 10) by installing Mcafee firewall that comes with virus protection, Mcafee started blocking outbound connections from some old gaming software OverWolf and some gigabyte software that speeds up computer processes for gaming by shutting down various not used windows processes

since the uninstallation of these programs ive started getting Buffer Overflow alerts from Mcafee, now i don't know if these are because of remnants left over from these programs or Emsisoft is conflicting with Mcafee 

If Mcafee and Emsisoft dont get along can i disable Mcafee virus protection but still use its firewall


many thanks Haydn


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Hi Haydn,

If the issue is repeated, I guess you should also check the entire devices in your network too, since they all will use the same IP when connected to Google. This Google protection is usually to prevent any applications, or maybe bot, browser extensions, etc, for making a tons of query to Google at the same time. If you need help to check your computer, I can forward this to the appropriate forum section so our support team can assist you.

Regarding McAfee, I personally not recommend to install multiple antivirus programs because it may causing conflict.

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Hi haydan,

There could be a conflict between McAFee and Emsisoft.  Thou we do are best to be compatible with other security software the same cannot be said of the competition.  Software conflicts between security software, especially those with a firewall component, and Emsisoft is the main reason that we suggest that users only install one anti-virus application.

I would like to get two reports from a third-party tool we use to help with diagnosing issues with systems.


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