Unable to install eam

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Good morning

I've been trying to install eam after uninstalling avast free and bytefence

I've read former threads about this and here is what I've done. I haven't installed mcafee but checking scheduled task there was some ones under the name mcafee, maybe it was installed before so I ran cleaning tools of mcafee and avast and restart twice. I ran RFST scan and the emsiclean. I already have the logs.


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OK, so what are you asking?   What IS happening when you try to install?   Which installer are you using, and where did you find it?

Also, what version of Windows?

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Only Emsisoft support staff will be able to see those files.  Someone will take a look in due course, though maybe not until Monday.

When an MSI installer runs it can optionally generate a log file (which can be anywhere between slightly detailed or very very detailed).   Turning on such logs is done by setting up a registry key, as described at: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/223300/how-to-enable-windows-installer-logging      As it says there, if you do turn this on you should probably plan to undo that later on as every MSI install would then create its own log file.   The log file might indicate why your install is not working... but it might also be hard to understand.    If you're a programmer it's maybe worth trying, otherwise, probably not.

Oh - the logs will most likely be placed in your admin user's %TEMP% folder.

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